cloud gpu servers

Advanced cloud-based infrastructure for building, training and deploying graphics card solutions.

SATOSHI SPAIN offers a cloud infrastructure of graphics cards, with the aim of democratizing computational power.

Specialized in the field of hyperparameter search. If you need gpu servers in the cloud, we are your trusted provider.
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The widest selection of high-end GPUs in the cloud. From cards like RTX 3090 to RTX A5000.


Scale or reduce the resources you need at any time, as well as the time of use. In addition to direct contact with our professionals.

Minimum latency

Our data center is located in Barcelona, providing seamless connections in Spain.


With our private contracts, you can access 24/7 computing power saving over AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

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render, process and TRAIN at full power

If you need a more powerful computer to get the most out of your software, the solution is in our GPU servers. Remote connection to a supercomputer so you can work at maximum speed.

endless possibilities

Everything designers, engineers and artists need to realize their visions for the future, today. Sustainable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) designed for large-scale GPU-accelerated workloads, served on demand.

whisper ai

With our BARE METAL GPU servers you can deploy artificial intelligence processes such as Whisper. An open source code, developed by Open AI in which you can transcribe audio to text.

stable diffusion

Generate and imagine images with our GPU servers with Stable Diffusion. A powerful open source, developed by Stability AI for image generation through artificial intelligence.

CINEMA 4D, autodesk, solidworks,

Rendering at maximum speed with our GPU servers, don't let the deadline, dead line arrive before your project is ready. You can install all kind of software you need on our equipment.


Simple, transparent and competitively priced. Discover our catalog of state-of-the-art graphic cards.


In our data center, we have a wide variety of GPU servers that can be tailored to the needs of any project or application. All of our servers are based on bare metal technology, which means they are designed to be customized and optimized for any type of workload.


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