The story behind our company

Based in Barcelona and founded by Alejandro Ibáñez and Joel Quesada, Satoshi Spain, S.L. is the world leading solution for crypto wallet recovery.

Until September 15th, 2022, our company was the largest crypto mining company in Spain. With the merge to Ethereum 2.0 and the rising costs of electricity, mining ceased to be an option, so "we reinvented ourselves, leveraging our knowledge and infrastructure to create a Data Center."

With great effort, we managed to create an infrastructure capable of working with thousands of graphics cards in a distributed manner. After thousands of hours of programming and research, we discovered some vulnerabilities in the most popular wallet formats, significantly reducing the computational power needed to decrypt them.

Thus, Satoshi Spain became the perfect solution to give hope to those who have suffered the loss of access to their cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to help the crypto ecosystem with our consultancy and services to continue facilitating the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into our society.  

Meet the team behind Satoshi Spain

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

What makes us different?

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Computing Power

With an arsenal of over 1200 active GPUs, Satoshi Spain, S.L. is the world leading company in crypto wallet recovery service.

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Our company,  founded by Alejandro Ibáñez and Joel Quesada, is based in Barcelona and our clients are welcome to visit our facilities and meet us.

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We only work with clients who can unequivocally prove ownership of the wallets they wish to decrypt.

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Unlike other Data Centers that diversify their server optimization, we focuse solely on optimizing for Cryptocurrency Wallet Recovery.

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Prioritizing the security and privacy of our clients, we initiate each project with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), safeguarding both your information and our proprietary technology.

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Sucess Rate

Leveraging proprietary technology, we significantly reduce the computational resources required for wallet decryption (but still, we do not guarantee success).

Frequently asked questions

What services offers Satoshi Spain?

Nowadays, we offer wallet recovery services for users that have lost the password or partial words of the seed phrase to access their cryptocurrencies.

How much is the fee in the wallet recovery?

Once we opened the wallet, the fee is a 20% of the total value in cryptocurrencies of the wallet. The fee is only in the case of success, we will pay the cost of running all the servers until the password is found.

How can I trust in the recovery process?

To protect the customer and his data, we will sign a contract based on the Spanish legislation. The contract defines the rights, responsibilities, protection of customer´s assets and the recovery process.
We will never ask for your wallet file. We only need the password hash of the file to try to find the password.
Without the wallet backup file, even having the password, it's impossible to access to the cryptocurrencies.

In case of seed phrase, we need the words you have to try and access the wallet and recover it. This process will not start until both parties sign the contract in order to protect the client and his assets.
We will never ask you to send us the words without first signing the contract.